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July 2015

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Yuletide 2011

Winter Greetings Violette Market customers and friends!

The autumn winds will soon give flight to snowflakes and the cold air will carry holiday nostalgia from cinnamon sticks, cookies baking, children's laughter and silver bells jingling on shoppe doors. Violette Market is pleased to announce the 2011 Yuletide Perfume Collection. We wish you and yours a wonderful winter season and a Happy Holiday filled with joy and warmth!

Yuletide Perfume Collection (November 2010 - end of February 2012)

Befana- Dark Chocolate Panettone, blood orange, sweet clementine, frankincense, Bourbon vanilla bean, sugar plums, apricot jam, sweet almond cakes, a worn wooden broom riding on the night sky, and smoldering black chimney coals.
Ceryneian Hind-In Greek Mythology, the Ceryneian Hind was an enormous deer who lived in Keryneia, Greece. It was sacred to the Greek Goddess Artemis. It had golden antlers and hooves of bronze and it was said that it could outrun an arrow in flight. Dark and golden amber woven among a tapestry of dried autumn leaves, brown suede leather, blond patchouli, winter branches, hazelnut shells, white chocolate musk, and white pepper dusted over newly fallen snow.
Christmas on the Champs-Élysées- Vanilla absolute, bourbon vanilla, black orchid, lemon sugar, red raspberries, ripe strawberries, olive wood, tonka bean, benzoin, vanilla bean, white cane sugar, almond paste, pignoli cookies, white chocolate ganache, hazelnut cream, cinnamon bark, grated nutmeg, cinnamon leaf, and dark rich cocoa.
Boudoir Domovoi- A house spirit in Slavic folklore. Domovyre are masculine, typically small, bearded, and usually covered in hair all over. Tuberose, sugar plums, nutmeg, almonds, creamy milk, violet and rose infused powder accord, benzoin, mahogany wood, and cinnamon bark.

Cinder Domovoi- A house spirit in Slavic folklore. Domovyre are masculine, typically small, bearded, and usually covered in hair all over Black musk touched with burning red wood logs, cedar wood kindling, dried patchouli leaf, and dark vetiver.

Elfkin Domovoi- A house spirit in Slavic folklore. Domovyre are masculine, typically small, bearded, and usually covered in hair all over. Vanilla musk, blond woods, oakmoss, hazelnut cookies, spiced cherries, red leather, jeweled candies, crinkled winter leaves, dense forest loam, and crushed fir needles.

Toboggan Domovoi- A house spirit in Slavic folklore. Domovyre are masculine, typically small, bearded, and usually covered in hair all over. Yellow rose, yuzu, honeysuckle, white cedar wood, juniper berries, fir needle, golden amber, vanilla bean, and Bavarian snow drifts.

Ellepiger- In Scandinavian folklore, Ellepiger are the alder tree girls who are extremely beautiful in face but have hollow backs. They dance around trees at night, luring young men to come join them and never be heard of again. Black amber, cherry smoked alder wood, almond shells, wild black plums, forest apples, sun-warmed acorns, golden amber dust, red carnation, birch twigs, cinnamon hazelnuts, and honeyed cedar wood.

Fimbulwinter- In Norse Mythology, Fimbulwinter is the immediate prelude to the end of the world, Ragnarok. Fimbulwinter is three successive winters without any intervening summer, no melting of ice, and no reprieve to the endless fall of snow. Lofty white flakes, cool winter air, pale pink winter blooms, and a wispy brush of crystallized vanilla honey.
Firebird- In Slavic folklore, the bird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land, which is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor. The bird is often described as a large bird with majestic feathers that glow brightly revealing red, orange, and yellow light from the full plumage. A stray firebird feather is often a premonition of a hard journey that lies ahead. Warm red musk, patchouli leaf, tonka bean, crackling logs of blood cedar wood, pomegranate seed, pecan nutmeat, pumpkin pulp, forest loam, and nutmeg powder.

Fireside Chat- A roaring fire in a vast circular hearth, roasted chesnuts, brown sugar, honeyed cinnamon, worn leather chairs warmed by the fire's light, and crackling wood.

Huldra- In Scandinavian folklore, Huldra is a seductive shape shifting forest creature who can appear to be a stunningly beautiful, sometimes naked, woman with long hair; though from behind she has a hollow back like an old tree trunk, and a fox’s tail. Creamy gardenia, plum blossom, fir needle, black amber, cedar leaf, birch branches, green mosses, cold forest loam, and pink forest violet.

Höthr- In Norse mythology Höthr was a blind god who presided over winter. He was tricked into killing his brother, Balder, by throwing a shaft of mistletoe. White cedar wood, black pine and smoldering sandalwood encased in warm frankincense, dark myrrh and black amber spiced with saffron, pomegranate wine, and leather.

Lebkuchen  Gingebread House- Create your own unique, one-of-a-kind gingerbread house. All custom perfumes begin with the dark and rich VM gingerbread accord sprinkled with touches of nutmeg, cinnamon leaf, and clove resin.

Niflheim: In Norse Mythology, Niflheim is the land of mist and ice. Powdery white snow, frigid glacial boulders encased in thick ice, dark green Reindeer moss, damp soil, black tea leaf, white mint, and blue-tinged mist.
Nøkken- In Scandinavian folklore, Nøkken is a shape shifting fresh water creature who lures his victims out onto thin ice and then draws them down to the deep depths of the freezing water. He often appears as a beautiful white horse with opal black eyes, the mane of the horse appears like shimmering mist over the frozen water. Thick ice, frozen buttercotch, vanilla bean infused cream, sugared white tea, peppermint leaf, blond woods, gray spearmint, and ice crystals covering wild blueberries.
Oaxacan Hot Chocolate- Mexican drinking chocolate, rich vanilla cream, cinnamon leaf, coffee, and a hearty dusting of brown sugar, nutmeg, and pink pepperberries.
Of Cathedrals and Christmas- White sandalwood, smoldering frankincense and myrrh, vanilla bean, honeyed tea leaf, candied orange rind, buttered brandy, crackling fire wood, clove resin, cinnamon dust, and amber incense smoke swirling through metal stars with cutout designs.
Old Man Christmas- Sweet cherry pipe smoke, winter vanilla bean, warm leather, aged cedar wood, golden musk, tobacco leaf, balsam branches, sugar plums, and dried maple leaves coated in sooty-sweet coal ash.

River Lethe- in Greek Mythology this was the river of forgetfulness. The dead drank from this water and immediately lost all memory of their former lives. White winter musk, creamed amber, white vanilla, olive wood, raw flax linen, coriander, orange flower, cardamom, silver lavender, shadowy vetiver, and iced river grass.

Rübezahl- In German folklore, Rübezahl is a giant, gnome, or mountain spirit. When encountering good people he is friendly, he teaches them medicine and gives them presents. If someone derides him, however, his revenge is severe. He also contols the Northern weather, sending lightning and thunder, fog, rain, and snow from the mountains above. His physical appearance resembles a monk in a gray frock holding a string instrument in his hand (the storm harp), and walking so heavily that the earth trembles around him. Blustering winter winter carrying: golden vanilla, sweet spearmint, Madagascar vanilla bean, Greek watermint, white chocolate, peppermint candies, cocoa-infused vetiver, cedar wood, and honeyed black pine.

Samodiva- Woodland fairies found in South-Slavic folklore and mythology. Samodivas are commonly depicted as ethereal maidens with long, loose hair decorated with twigs and feathers and they sometimes have elaborate wings. Wild black plum, patchouli leaf, snow-dusted winter wood, dragon’s blood, star anise, sheer opal musk, creamy gardenia, amethyst dust, and wispy fire smoke.

Seraphim: Seraphim means "burning ones". In Christian, Islamic, and Jewish literature, the seraphim were celestial beings with two or three pairs of wings who guard the throne of God. In Christian angelology, seraphim are the highest-ranking in the hierarchy of angels. They were often referred to as the "firey ones" and the colors pink and red were used in their reference. Pink carnation, bourbon vanilla, gardenia petals, allspice, nutmeg, frankincense, Madagascar clove, vanilla cream, white amber, balsam peru, cinnamon bark, and the flutter of angel wings.

Sleet Den- Home of the Norse goddess Hel who resided in Niflheim. Pomegranate, frozen pink grapefruit, tea leaf, bitter orange blossom, asphodel petals, and a heavy base of slushy black ice.

Snowshoe: Snow-covered forest fir and cedar, frozen vanilla mint, maple wood, tree amber, leather laces, the crunch of snow underfoot, and the quietness of the woods in winter.
Turkish Delight- Almond paste, crushed hazelnuts, raspberry jam, lemon custard, sugared walnuts, honey musk, a thick dusting of white powdered sugar, and sweet candied apricots brushed with pale rosewater.

Want - Unquenching gluttony. Thick sweet cream, rich Bourbon vanilla bean, plump blackberries dripping in dark honey, and luxurious golden patchouli.

Winter Morning- The delicious scent of cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, complete with spiced cinnamon layers, and sweet vanilla frosting.
Winter Dogs 2011 Perfume Collection (November 2011 - until the dogs last and they like to run!)
Akita Inu- Dark sweet honey, smoky frankincense, rich vanilla cream, and crushed black and pink pepper.
Alaskan Malamute- Large drifts of fluffy snow, white cedar wood, honey musk, incense smoke, tobacco leaf, golden amber, hay absolute, sugared rose, iris, and smoky sandalwood.
Canadian Eskimo Dog- Ornamental bone carvings, white sandalwood, blue iris, vanilla pods, worn leather, birch branches, violet cream, and sweet coal smoke.
Greenland Husky- Snow balls coated in frozen dirt, Copenhagen dark chocolate, Reindeer moss, black-flecked coconut, maple sugar, and a Yuletide conifer blend of blood cedarwood, Douglas Fir, hearty black pine.
Mackenzie River Husky- Scottish shortbread, vanilla musk, simmering frankincense, tobacco leaf, chai tea spices, golden butterscotch, and polished cedar wood.
Tamaskan Dog- Golden amber, dry cedar wood, hazelnuts, honeyed chocolate, dark gingerbread, and spiced apple wassail.

and NEW to Hawthorne and Irving-

SugarhouseRaw brown sugar, smoked caramel, buttery toffee, golden amber, white cane sugar, Vermont Red Maple tree sap, dried autumn leaves, pine pitch and black treacle.

The Winter General Collection perfumes are also live on the website and please be sure to visit us on Facebook! A VERY merry thank you to Elizabeth Rayne for the wonderfully beautifully label art sketches.

A few musings... Our new website is still being built and we decided to hold Lost at Sea II until this coming summer 2012. We know it's hard to wait for the mermaids, pirates, and adventures of the Apothecary owner, but the story will continue this coming summer. Please allow extra time for orders that include custom perfumes, at times I have a very heavy blending load and cannot get all our orders out the door in a week. I appreciate your understanding, especially during the holiday season.

May the joy of the season touch your heart and nose!

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OMG! I am so excited to see the Winter Dogs come back...

and Slavic mythology - Firebird! Domovoi! Samodiva!

This is so cool!